Our Timeline

There has been some questions about what we are doing now and what our timeline is. Sorry for the confusion. We hope this helps to clarify.

May 30:

Attend the Truth Festival in Charlotte, North Carolina. Meet contacts who will be partnering with us from Global Cross and Ratio Christi to discuss Gillette’s 2015 Picnic in the Park.


June and July:

Remain in Michigan. Sal works. Say our goodbyes to family. Raise additional support.

Also, head to Baja, Mexico as Team Leaders with the Family Life Anonymous-peters-mapYouth group for a short-term mission trip with Global Expeditions/Team Mania.

August 8:

Return to Gillette Wyoming for the 2015 Picnic in the Park.

And then:

Drive to South America to begin the YWAM “School of Rescue and Restoration” and intern at the on-base Restoration Center  in Stuart Miles_freedigitalimagespreparation for working with the traficked.

Once our school and internship are completed (1-2 years) we will be headed to whatever area of the world the Lord sends us to where we will work on starting homes of restoration for those who’ve escaped human trafficking.

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