I was just following the GPS

Thank you for all your prayers and support! We have safely made it to Michigan. Please continue to pray for us during this time as we visit with parents, brothers and sisters and raise additional support.

Along our journey across the USA, I learned one very important lesson: Never trust the GPS. Traditionally I have resisted the GPS, insisting on using paper maps. This trip, however, I decided to give it a try during the night haul when I alone was awake.

The first night I drove, we were on route to Charlotte, North Carolina. When Sal awoke with the daylight, he asked, “honey, why IMG_1403does the GPS read 15 miles to Atlanta?”

“Because that’s where it says we need to turn north for Charlotte.”

“But love, we are coming from the northwest. Why are we in Georgia?”

“I was just following the GPS.”

On the bright side, we stopped at Ravi Zacharias International Ministries in Atlanta. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see Ravi himself, but it was still fun.


We did, of course, make it to Charlotte, North Carolina where we attended, and then met with the folks that founded, the Truth Festival. We have officially combined forces with them for the Picnic in the Park, an arrangement we solidified while there. This was our purpose of traveling to Charlotte on our way to Michigan. We are super excited to be partnered with them. You can read more about this by joining our Picnic in the Park updates email list by emailing us at Revelation_2217@yahoo.com.


So, two nights later I am behind the wheel again for another night shift alone. After exiting the interstate (at the direction of the GPS) I found myself driving through a very swampy, jungle-like habitat. The GPS said “turn left” and I did. Immediately I knew it was a mistake. The headlights revealed a very muddy two-track (in the rain) with swamp on either side.  The “road” was so narrow that I couldn’t turn around, so I kept driving hoping it would open up further ahead. About half a mile in I sunk into a mud hole and was stuck.

This time I woke up Sal. “Honey, I’m sorry to awaken you, but we got stuck and I need you to push us out”.

Sal, still groggy, replied, “Stuck? Did you drive off the highway?”

“Well, kind of. We’re in a swamp.”

“You drove off the highway into a swamp?!?” (Sal is beginning to wake up at this point.)

“Not exactly. I was following the GPS and it had me drive down a muddy two-track.”

1363894769“Let me see that thing.” Sal takes the GPS and zooms out to see where we are. It reads, “Alligator River, Alligator and Wildlife Preserve” He says, “There is no way I’m getting out in the middle of the night to push the car.”

“But honey, we’re stuck. I can’t push us out.”

What ensued was a lively conversation which I concluded with, “I was just following the GPS.”

Salazar, my superhero, took the wheel. We had to switch places by squeezing past each other over the center council because neither of us would step foot outside of the car. Sal then proceeded to back us entirely out. And we breathed a huge sigh of relief.

So there you have it; Never trust a GPS. Take it from me.

The remainder of the trip was fairly uneventful. We spent a couple days on the East Coast, which is something we’ve always wanted to do. After such a busy and demanding past several months, it did our family wonders to have some quality family time exclusively dedicated to having fun together. We also took up skimboarding as a family. We haven’t yet passed the “I biff every time I set foot on this thing” stage, but I’m confident we’ll improve during our time here on Lake Michigan, that is, after I finish removing grains of sand from my torn up shins and butt cheeks…


Currently we are in Michigan, and it is here we shall stay until returning to Gillette for the Picnic in the Park and then heading for South America. While we are here, we will be saying goodbye to family, raising support and doing some very personal and meaningful ministry. Please keep us in your prayers. We’ve lots of decisions to make as we prepare and plan for Argentina. We need prayers for discernment, wisdom, protection, support and a blessing over our relationships as well as continued guidance. Anyone who has made a big step into ministry of any kind understands that doubt intensly attacks right as you are breaking through into it. Please pray clarity and peace for us.

We love you so much! Your prayers are felt and greatly encouraging to us. May God bless you!

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